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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it legal to use cannabis in Canada?

Yes, cannabis was legalized in Canada on October 2018, so you can easily use it as you see fit. You can buy all the cannabis that you need from us online or via a physical retailer.

Am I limited to only smoking cannabis or are there other options?

Depending on your preferences, you can choose among cannabis buds, edibles, extracts, capsules, oils, and tinctures. You are free to select the best solution for you, and our team will be happy to provide the outcomes and worth you require. You will be immensely impressed with the result and support regardless of the circumstance because we are entirely committed to quality and professionalism; all you need to do is to make a wise choice.

How do I order from Cannabliss?

It’s simple to order from Cannabliss Lifestyle. Just go to our shop page and start shopping. Go to the checkout page, enter your information, and place your order once you have everything you want in your cart. Interac E-Transfer is used for payment, and it simply takes a few minutes to send and process. We send your order out as soon as the same day after receiving your order and payment. For repeat clients, we advise creating an account. This will make it simpler for you to keep track of and manage your orders and will speed up the process of placing your next order.

Are you selling outside of Canada?

Due to international cannabis rules and regulations that differ for every country, we are only selling in Canada.

Are you adding new products to the store?

Yes, our company is committed to meeting all needs, which is why we always work to introduce new products to the shop. You only need to let us know if you have a specific requirement.

What if I want to buy in bulk?

We usually have large stocks of cannabis products, but if you want to buy in bulk you can contact us directly or just place the order. We encourage you to talk with us first, so we can guarantee that we have everything you need in store.

Did you receive the wrong order or is something missing?

While we have strict quality control measures in place, on occasion an order may be packed incorrectly, or a replacement was provided if an item is out of stock. We strongly recommend that you take pictures of your order when it arrives to ensure there aren’t any discrepancies. Our team also catalogues all orders before they are packed as a final check.

What are the most common concerns?
1. Customers don’t receive what they expected

2. Customers don’t receive the product as fast as advertised 3. Customers don’t receive consistency from order to order

Knowing and addressing these issues, Cannabliss has created the most reliable mail order marijuana service in Canada with customer experience first and foremost. All shipments are tracked and shipping times are guaranteed by Canada Post. You will be emailed the tracking number once your order is processed and sent to the post office. You can then check the current location of your order online by clicking the link in the shipping label or going to the order history.

How much does shipping cost?

No matter the size, we typically charge $15 for shipping, and we use Canada Post. The requested products will be dispatched to you in just a few days, typically no more than 1-3 business days. We exclusively deliver through Canada Post, thus we cover 98% of the country.

How is the product packaged?

We take steps to ensure that the product packaging is covert and that you can use your purchases as intended. Depending on what you are purchasing, we either have a plain box or a padded envelope. Additionally, we specialise in scent proofing, so discretion is something we take very seriously.

What is Xpresspost shipping?

A quicker and more secure way to ship goods is by ordering Canada Post XpressPost. Packages will reach you considerably more swiftly and securely with a tracking number if one is included and shipped in 1-3 business days!

Are the products safe and secure?

We use cutting-edge digital security to ensure privacy and data protection including SSL compliance and an encrypted email service for payments. We will never share your information.

If you’ve bought marijuana products online before, then like us, you’ve no doubt been disappointed. Good intentions and a nice website are not enough. Cannabliss provides a professional level of understanding and focus on logistics, process analysis, inventory, and an appreciation for efficiency.

What is Interac® e-transfer?

Sending payment through Interac® e-transfer is a fast, easy and secure way to send payment.

Just select Interac® e-transfer on check out and you will be asked to send payment through Interac® E-Transfer. Your next step is to log into your online banking and send the payment to the address we provide.

How do I pay with Interac® e-transfer?

For full instructions on how to pay using Interac® e-transfer click here.  The process is very simple and only takes a few minutes!

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delivery service update

Dear Cannabliss Customers,

We will no longer be offering our 1-hour delivery service.

However, we want to assure you that our reliable 1-3 day Canada Wide Delivery through Xpress Post will continue.

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to continuing to serve you with top-quality cannabis products.

Thank you,

The Cannabliss Team

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